Wednesday, February 09, 2005

another ep of lost tonight, and we still know nothing more about the island. you would think that with claire coming back, and the re-appearance of ethan, jj might have just given us a little nugget of what is going on. oh well. i just want the back story on hurly damn it!!!

on with show news. i'm sitting around at work this afternoon thinking about how little i contribute to the show. i mean i have my vocal contribution to the show, but other than that... nuttin'... the shaman is the one putting the shows out, and doing all the tech shit. so i'm starting on the promotion end. on our next show we have giveaways. no it will not be anything like an i-pod or anything of real value like the guys at . it could be something just as small as one of those... shit just thought of a good prize to give away... if you want to know what it is you'll have to listen. hahahaha... that's what we call a tease...

we need e-mails!!! we know there are some of you out there listening, we just wanna know what you think, and if we don't like what you think, then screw you.... who the hell are you to tell us what you like... oh sorry... e-mail us... just click on south park versions of us on the left.

have a good un' we should have a new show up by week's end, and shaman swears he will never drink again. plus free shizit...



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