Wednesday, March 02, 2005

apocalypse radio - eighth audio magazine/podcast

alright, the next action packed webisode is up and online... number eight by our count.... you can dl it from the link on the left sidebar or you can CLICK HERE!!! if you wanna stream and listen, just click on it.. but we recommend right clicking it, choosing save target as and downloading it to your pc desktop... much smoother listening as long as you've got a decent pipe... and of course, the ever-present RSS feed with appropriate enclosures is linked on the left also... everything a podcast listener could want and more! and we never got round to discussing it BUT we're having a contest this week - a Team America pack - team america xl tshirt, red t.a. armbands, a bumper sticker AND a team america condom! just send me or charlie an email letting us know you're out there and what you think of the show..... void where prohibited by law. i think we haveta say that. right, charlie? hmmmmmm.....


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