Saturday, January 31, 2009

apocalypse radio - two hundred and eighth audio magazine/podcast

MR. PRESIDENT, WHAT PLACE DO YOU THINK YOU WILL HAVE IN HISTORY? and holy MOLEY what a week it has been! as you'll notice, this is getting posted VERY late. like the day before the new show. my only excuse - power outtage and utter life confusion. we talk about it on the show, don't worry. The Great Ice Storm Of 2009! fun for everyone, believe me. so without further stalling, here is the latest - and it's kind of a double dip because the show for feb 1st will be up in the next 48 hours. guaranteed. come rain, come sun, come snow... which we're supposed to get more of on monday. maybe. alright here it is - use the rss feed link on the left... or CLICK HERE, O FAITHFUL LISTENER!! or right click back there, do a "save target as" and save the mp3 on your hard drive. and until next time - Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me... and won't get fooled again.


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