Tuesday, December 29, 2009

apocalypse radio - two hundred and fifty third audio magazine/podcast

HELLO, LITTLE GUY! IT'S THE SWEETIE MAN COMING! and here we are after another week off - very busy days for us... end of year in radio... always exciting. my movie recommendation this week is District 9. wow. what a killer flick. and the cgi is amazing when you consider the budget of this movie. must see movie. public enemies is pretty good too if you enjoy michael mann flicks (heat / band of the hand / the original miami vice / etc). clocks in a 2 hrs 20 mins but worth the time. so here it is, the new one... the standard ritual applies - use the rss feed link on the left... or CLICK HERE, O FAITHFUL LISTENER!! or right click back there, do a "save target as" and save the mp3 on your hard drive. and until next time - Get your fokkin' tentacle out of my face!


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