Monday, March 04, 2013

apocalypse radio - three hundred and eighty first audio magazine/podcast

"from the batman's diary:  Black body armor. Funny voice. Cape. There’s a lot to like about Darth Vader. Then I remember the midichlorians and just laugh and laugh."

this week's movie recommendation:  argo.  great movie.  even though you know the end result, it still keeps you on the edge of your seat.  now... is it BEST PICTURE material?  hmmmm..... i don't know about that.  dark knight rises is still a superior picture in every way.  and i'm not just saying that because i'm a batman geek.  but argo IS definitely worth a watch so check it out.  new one is ready to go - just pull it down and start listening - you know the routine - use the rss feed link on the left... or CLICK HERE, O FAITHFUL LISTENER!! or right click back there, do a "save target as" and save the mp3 on your hard drive. and until next time - Another Robin died today. No one ever thinks they’ll go out getting blown up by an emperor penguin with a rocket strapped to its back.


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