Sunday, March 22, 2020

apocalypse radio - six hundred and twentieth audio magazine/podcast

what's up, people!  we're back for our 18th consecutive show!  okay, actually our 620th show but we've gone 18 webisodes now without missing a beat.  so we're kind of proud of that.  a lot of corona talk this week.  not the depressing kind, just general chatter.  so we may be a welcome respite from the doom and gloom but then again, maybe not.  even still, we hope you hang around this week and many more to come.  new one is in the usual place - use the rss feed link on the left... or CLICK HERE, O FAITHFUL LISTENER!! or right click back there, do a "save target as" and save the mp3 on your hard drive. and until next time - if you'd like to donate, donate here.


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