Wednesday, January 19, 2005

so we did the first podcast last night, and it wasn't too bad. if you listen twoards the end i think i'm starting to get a little tipsy because i'm starting to slur my words a bit. plus my belches were getting really good. one of the things we talked about was it's a search engine that also has a search spy feature. basically you click it and it will give you a real time list of what people are searching foron the web. some pretty funny stuff. i will probably use it on the QMF radio show tomorrow night.

so i got up early today and hit the gym before i got to work. i've gotta say that a good workout in the morning does give me more energy to get through the day. i was going at night after i got off work, but it didn't seem to have the same effect. we'll see if i can continue to keep up the morning work out schedule. hopefully i can get a good month in and everything should be fine after that. it's just like any other addiction, if you can do it for a month straight, you'll be hooked.

really i should do a comparison between working out and drugs. let's see. first one is always free, both give you a pretty good buzz if it's effective, once your hooked you want all your friends to do it, (depending on the drug) both will leave you with a certain smell, and there's always one person that does it too much. if i think of anymore i'll post them throughout the day. if you think of one feel free to e-mail me.



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