Tuesday, January 25, 2005

well, it's been a few days since my last post, and a bunch of stuff has been going on. first off, i'm now closer to buying a place. terri and i went to check this place out on saturday, and really liked it. so now it's up to me getting financed and then it'll be good times as i enter the world of home ownership.

it's a good thing that i will hopefully be moving into a new place because my apartment is starting to suck. i had a leak develop in my living room over the weekend, and i have yet to hear back from the owners of the building. luckily the leak has stopped, but i would think they would want to come by and check it. i guess that's the way you treat things when you just don't care.

also went to belterra casino over the weekend, and i actually won!!! normally i'm on the losing end when i go to a casino, but this time i came out a whopping 25 bucks ahead on the elvis slot machine. that's why elvis is the king.

loooks like we'll be cutting the second podcast tonight, so you might wanna check back around 10ish to see what the shaman and i come up with for this week.


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