Friday, February 11, 2005

well, unlike the shaman i will not be gettin' all political up in this bitch today. i'll just let you know that a new show should be up later tonight providing the shaman isn't too sick. also BIG PRIZE on the show. unless you visited the state fair a lot in the 80's you probably don't have one of these....

Valentine's day is coming up on monday. here's a bit of advice, celebrate on sunday!!! you should be able to hit a place to eat without having to wait for a f'n hour, and you're not to wore out from work for a little bit o' the booty. guys, don't forget, if you're getting her flowers MAKE SURE YOU SEND THEM TO HER WORK. you showing up at home with a dozen roses dosen't give her a chance to show off to her co-workers, and tourture those that do not have signifgant others.



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