Wednesday, October 05, 2005

i'm bored tonight

so here's the deal. wife's at work, and i'm sitting here surfing the board over at kevin smith's webiste. it amazes me how much time he puts into his online posting. he's doing a new flick, finishing up a couple of waaaaaaaaaaaaay over due comics, and he still has time to post on his site almost on a daily basis. so, mr smith has inspired me to spend more time posting on this site. this inspiration will probably pass over a few days, and i'll go back to just voicing my thoughts on the show, but for now enjoy (or dread) some ramblings from my simple mind.

BTW tonight's ep of "my name is earl" was freaking funny. loved the cheering by the guy with the voice box. did anyone recognize the guy who owned the towing company? his name is dennis burkley, and he's a fantastic character actor. you may have rememberd him from the short lived follow up to snford and son, or maybe as the biker guy from fletch lives (not randall "tex" cobb). he's lost a ton of weight.

that's it for tonight


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