Friday, June 13, 2008

apocalypse radio - one hundred and seventy sixth audio magazine/podcast

SHE'S SUPPOSED TO HAVE TRANSWARP. yes, she is supposed to. sigh. this latest show posting's tardiness is entirely my fault. well, my router's fault, actually. i upgraded to 20 megabit service this past week which unfortunately required a new router. and even MORE unfortunately, it was a bear to program and route, etc, etc. suffice it to say that my service has been spotty at best while i focused on the router to the exclusion of everything else. BUT it's all back together now and i've got a rippin' connection. SO without further delay, here is the show - use the rss feed link on the left... or CLICK HERE, O FAITHFUL LISTENER!! or right click back there and do a "save target as" and save the mp3 on your hard drive. and until next time - The automation system is overloaded.


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