Saturday, February 12, 2005

apocalypse radio - fifth audio magazine/podcast

and the long awaited, much anticipated webisode number FIVE!!! we're still going strong and still not bored with doing this..... but you bitches had best get on the email ball!! send us some... emails, that is.... click on the pics on the left for the direct email linkage..... ok, where was i... webisode five is up now... either use the link on the left bar, snark on the rss feed OR you can CLICK THIS LINK IN ALL OF THE SCREAMIN CAPITAL LETTERS!! it'll work too. enjoy, we did. and don't forget - CONTEST THIS WEBISODE!!! write us with what you like or dislike about the show! (we stole that idea from pullwithbothhands the podcast) the prize? listen for the prize. OOH!! forced listening! and they say i learned nothing in radio. alright, go download.


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