Tuesday, March 22, 2005

apocalypse radio - eleventh audio magazine/podcast

yes, yes... it's here.. hot off the reel to reel.... the latest adventurous webisode of apocalypse radio-o0ooo! (insert echo) and don't forget - if you want to leave a voice comment, call 206-202-3825 and speak.... or drop us an email - the links to email us are our pics over on the left... someday i'll post an actual picture of us for your amusement and horror.... we had some taken by our staff photographer recently... yea, we got one o' those.... her name's kelly... we workin' on gettin' personal assistants... no luck so far. oh and the usual applies... use the link on the left hand bar, use the rss feed link or RIGHT CLICK HERE and 'save target as' ... enjoy.


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